Helping Gymnasts To Master Their Mental Performance From Regional To International Level

5 Steps to overcoming mental blocks in sport

A must-have read for parents and coaches supporting a gymnast to eliminate the fear that is holding them back

Develop a Mental Fitness that will give you the competitive edge

Whether you're a youth athlete who is in a development squad or a consistent performer aiming to get to the next level or an elite gymnast preparing for a major competition, we can help you develop your mental fitness so that you can perform with renewed confidence and resilience

Jo has been helping gymnasts overcome mental blocks and performance anxiety for over 5 years and has had the privilege of seeing so many gymnasts break through their fear and start performing with renewed confidence. 


Her knowledge, practical ideas, and proven techniques have given her a reputation as the go-to person to help gymnasts get their skills back. Jo works directly with gymnasts, their parents, and coaches as well as with clubs across the UK

I help them see the fear and anxiety from a new perspective, so they can overcome what is holding them back and start performing better than ever with renewed confidence.

This isn't for you if you want a quick fix and are not willing to constantly work on your mental skills.

This is a way to be proactive in training your mind to get past the blocks so you can perform at your best.

Maybe you are thinking, "I saw someone before but after a couple of months the anxiety returned, so why would it work this time?"

Because mental skills take time to develop just like physical skills. Most athletes stop working on their mental skills as soon as they overcome the issue they are struggling with, so over time, the fear and anxiety returns.

I believe that having a more proactive approach to working through your fears and anxieties will not only help you recapture that lost skill but will transform you into the athlete you desire.


Perform Like A Rising Star Programme

Parents often come to me as they see their children struggling and do not know what to do to help them.

Their children get scared at performing moves that they used to be able to do, this makes them feel that they are not good enough and they get nervous when they compete.

Many of the children I see compare themselves to other athletes and think that they need to be like them

Others just stop enjoying their sport because things are hard in training because they have moved up a level, Before moving up, they were picking up skills really quickly but now athletes are older and better than them.

Although I am a qualified Sport Psychologist, I do a lot more than that. I educate, motivate and inspire children and their parents so that they can get the results they want.

I work together with you as a parent and your child to improve their confidence, build resilience and create a mindset that enables them to perform at the best of their ability taking them to the next level in their chosen sport whilst you have the peace of mind that your child is developing life skills that will benefit them in life as well as their sport.

If this sounds like you or your child, I would love to chat to see if we are a good fit and how I can help. 

The programme is delivered over 3 months. The sessions are delivered via zoom calls. I work on results so this way of working means we can be proactive and flexible whilst you feel supported throughout.

I only take on a limited of gymnasts at any one time and the programme is application only.

It is important that your child is 10/10 committed to breaking through their mental blocks and on board with having sport psychology support.

I have a very high success rate but this depends on the commitment of everyone involved.

If you feel that you meet the criteria for the programme, apply below and book an application call and we can start breaking through the fear that is holding your child back and help them to start performing with renewed confidence and resilience

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