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Meet Jo-Anne Kelleher



I'm Jo and I am a Sport, Exercise and High-Performance Psychologist, hypnotherapist, motivational speaker and business owner.

I has mentored hundreds of athletes, entrepreneurs and students all over the world and have helped them to overcome their fears, anxieties and mental blocks so that they can create success with renewed confidence and resilience.

I have been working in personal development since 2005 and experienced some amazing successes and some pretty huge fails as well!

I was able to turn my life around after being bullied at school and feeling worthless and demoralised.

I got myself back on track after losing my way when I mum suddenly passed away when I was 32 and qualified as a high-performance psychologist even though my English teacher told me that my English wasn't good enough to get me anyway academically.

I now dedicate my time to educate, motivate and inspire others to better their lives and take their success to the next level by sharing what I have learnt through my services and signature programmes.