Why you should be adopting the mindset of an Olympic champion

mindset Mar 10, 2022

 There are many similarities between sport and high-achievers in other fields and this is why many trained sport and high-performance psychologists work with entrepreneurs, students, and other people who have high aspirations to help them gain success in their life,

 If you want to take your success to the next level, you need an elite athlete mindset.

 These are a few areas to concentrate on:

 Practice like an athlete

 I see so many potential high achievers telling me that they can’t get started or they are rubbish at a particular skill.

 The thing is the reason is not that you can’t do them, it is just that you just haven’t practiced the skills to make you feel competent.

 Do you think that Andy Murray said to his coach “I can’t do forehands so I’m not going to practice them”?

 No! He would be aware that this is one of the weakest areas of his game and practiced it so that it was at a good enough standard to be world-class.

 Embrace the failures and always practice for success

 Athletes don’t get to where they want to be without a few setbacks. They put in hours learning their sport and train to win but along the way, they will fail.

 This could be an injury or a loss but what they do is see these setbacks and failures as opportunities to reflect on the situation and return stronger than ever.

 If you are learning something new, fail quickly so that you can start learning what works and what doesn't. 

 Every failure is one step nearer to success.

 You wouldn’t run a marathon without building up your training.

 Most entrepreneurs haven’t run a business before yet they think they can start helping people and it will all click into place and be an overnight success.

 We spend hours thinking we need to get everything just right.

 It is important to build foundations but take messy and imperfect action. You have to start somewhere. Marathon runners were novices once. They would do 5k,10k, and a half marathon first.

 You will get better in field but aim for small successes first.

 Don’t get hung up on your competition

 If you focus too much on your competition, you will lose sight of your own goals and fail. Athletes will observe their competitors but when it is competition or match time, they are fully focused on their own game and on the prize.

 I always tell my children to look ahead when they are running. Concentrate on where you are going. If they look back, then they are likely to trip and fall.

 This is the same in life. It is so common for people to compare themselves to others. This can make us feel rubbish when we feel that we are not performing as well as them.

Focus on your own development instead. 

 I am not saying to totally ignore them but if you aspire to what they do, learn from them, don’t copy them. Instead, explore their strategy and discover what works for you so that you can be your own version of success

 You are you and that is why people are drawn to you!

 Build a team around you

I am amazed at how many people think that they can do everything by themselves. I was like this when I started my business, I would seek out free advice everywhere, get overwhelmed with all the information, and then end up doing nothing.

 I remember listening to a webinar and the lady talking about her community at the end and thinking that she was trying to get my money. I didn’t understand that signing up for a paid membership community would provide so many opportunities to grow. This lady was Carrie Green which I learned a year later was a successful and inspirational woman and had so much value to share.

 Now I have found an amazing membership that provides me with support, help with my mindset (yet I still work on this too), and a community and have invested in a high-level mastermind where I am learning the strategy that I need to build my business. I have both the mindset, support, and strategy covered. I don't get it from one place, I have invested in a number of areas to get the right expertise that I need in each area.

 An athlete wouldn’t rely on just one coach to provide them with everything they need. They will have a nutritionist, a physio, a sport psychologist, and a conditioning coach along with the technical coach that we are all aware of, so ask yourself whether you are investing in your mental performance as well as strategy as we need both support to succeed.


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