If you are struggling to move forward towards your goals and sense that maybe you need to work on your mental performance to help you understand what is holding you back, then this could be the perfect programme for you.


Hey you

Are you ready to start making a difference in your sport, business or education?

Are you fed up of the constant self sabotage that happens whenever you experience a taste of success.

The thing is that it isn't always about strategy.

We can invest in all the courses, masterminds and coaching programmes we can get but this doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to implement it.

However, this time can be so different to the previous attempts to achieve success.

You want create success in your life RIGHT?

This is your time where you finally breakthrough those mental blocks that are stopping you from reaching that next level of growth.

This is your time where you finally  stop self- sabotaging any success that comes your way.

The problem is, thinking about stepping up to the next level will bring up a brand new level of self-doubt and anxiety.

However my friend, now is the best time to take that next step towards breaking through those pesky fears and mental blocks

And I think I have exactly what will help with that!



Get exclusive access* to the exact formula that I use with my private clients to help them develop ultimate mental fitness without the high price tag.

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The ultimate mental fitness starter kit will provide you with the essential tools that you need to start developing a mindset for success.

You will be able to gain clarity on what you want to achieve, what is stopping you from achieving them  and the tools that will help you move forward in order to take your success to the next level whether it is in sport, business or education.

Here is what's included

Creating a vision:  So many people want to succeed but they usually lack clarity on what they want their future to look like. In this module, we dig deep into why you want the success you desire and identify exactly what impact the reality will have on your life.

Plan, Do, Review: These 3 tasks are essential for ultimate mental fitness. Many people will miss at least one of these and this section will explore why it is important to take time to do all 3

Focus is the key:  I hear a lot of my audience telling me that they struggle to focus yet what actually happens is that they are often focusing on the wrong thing. This section will provide you with ways to switch your focus from the things that we are worried about to what you really want.

Relaxation creates the path to success: When is the last time that you stopped and took time out to actually work out what path you want to take. This module will introduce you to relaxation techniques that will show you which path to follow.

What you visualise you create:  As a performance psychologist I have seen many case studies and research that demonstrates how powerful visualisation can be, However, it is not a matter of positive thinking or daydreaming. It is so much more than that. There is a system to follow and I will take you through this so that you can start making your dreams a reality. 

Understanding when and How To Get Support: There is so much that we can do for ourselves and is why self-help books are so useful but sometimes we can get in our own way and we need to accept that it is time to get help. This section will provide you with your options of where you can seek help both for free and paid.

How To Implement It All:   It is great to learn all these techniques but so many of us invest in a course with good intentions yet never get round to implementing it all. I do not want you to be that person so this module will provide support to make the magic happen.

Bonuses: This is a fairly new programme and I want to provide you with as much value as possible. I will add some valuable additions to the above to supplement the training above.


These modules have been tried and tested with my clients and WORK

Now, you may be thinking that you don't need to complete all of the sections..


You may be worrying that there is so much to do that you feel a little overwhelmed.

I don't want you to feel overwhelmed nor do I want you to skip any part of the process. It is so important to complete each section in order and resist the temptation to ignore an activity that challenges you.

This is why the modules will be released over 6 weeks.

This way you can take your time and fully explore what is holding you back and what you need to do to move forward.


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The Ultimate Mental Fitness Starter Kit™ 

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it would cost £99.